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Auburn, Chester, & Sandown

Jason Osborne

Small Business Owner and Champion of Limited Government

I hold true the state motto of New Hampshire - 'Live Free or Die'. In Concord I have fought against government intrusion into the lives of every day people. As your State Representative I have pushed back against every tax hike and income tax scheme put forward and I will continue to stand up for our commonsense Conservative values. 

I live in Auburn with my wife Sharon and our family. I am a proud job creator having brought over 100 good and high paying jobs to our community and I know the power the entrepreneurial spirit has in creating positive impact where we live. 

If re-elected I will make sure your Conservative voice continues to echo in the chamber halls and I will never capitulate or back down when the going gets tough. 

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65 Miner Rd
Auburn, NH 03032

Tel: 603-391-2138

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